Fun, Funky, Free Garden Trellis and Tomato Cage!

Do you have as much trouble with tomato cages as I do?  They look cute and great, until the tomato actually begins to grow.  Then they are falling all over the place causing your garden to turn into a hopeless jungle.  
Cucumber and bean trellises are just as bad.  Last year, my cucumber trellis (carefully constructed of bamboo and rope by yours truly) literally fell over every time the wind blew.  In fact, towards the end of the season, I think it started falling over whenever the forecast just mentioned a *chance* of wind.  Sigh.  There has to be a better way!
This year, I’m trying something new for my garden trellis system.  I spotted these pallets in my husband’s warehouse at work.  I was certain I could use them for something!  
Well, here you have it!  I spray painted them in sets of two, and I lashed them together with plastic bailing twine saved from wheat straw bales that we used for bedding in the goat stall and chicken coop.  So far, they are holding up very nicely, and are a very cheerful addition to my garden beds!

So, what do you think of my garden trellis?

P.S.  I swear these pictures are only from last weekend, but my plants have literally doubled in size.  Stay tuned for more garden trellis pictures.  Some of the tomatoes are literally sticking out past the tops of the cages now, and there are cucumbers everywhere!

P.P.S.  I’m also about to add some of these to my muskmelon and watermelon patches to see if I can have success growing melons vertically!

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  1. says

    I love it! I’ve been repurposing plastic baling twine and hotwire posts to string up my green beans this year. We end up with lots of baling twine every year and I need to come up with more things to do with it! (activate thinking cap…)

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  2. says

    Great use of re-purposed material and since it’s free you have nothing to loose by trying. They certainly look sturdy enough to work. Love the pop of color!

  3. says

    They are awesome. I know that better trellises will be my focus next year. This year I moved my garden, next year will be for fine tuning….

  4. LeAnn says

    I’m seeing so many posts using pallets lately. My question is where can you acquire them if you don’t have a source? Thanks!

    • says

      My husband works in a warehouse, so he brings them home for me. Occasionally I go up there and point out the types I think I can use. Every product comes on a different type of pallet. Many local businesses are happy to give them away, however, so don’t be afraid to ask if you see a stack somewhere! I find that the bigger box stores are more likely to re-use theirs.

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