The Great Skim Milk Hoax

If you follow my blog, you likely know that I am a huge fan of drinking raw milk.  Each day I milk 3 goats (once) and Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow (twice.)  I adore an ice-cold glass of creamy, raw milk, but it wasn’t always like that.

I was *gasp* a skim milk drinker before I moved to the farm! 

The Great Skim Milk Hoax

I even had myself convinced that I liked it, but now I realize that I had fallen for the great skim milk hoax.  I had been hoodwinked.  Bamboozled.  Tricked into buying my milk TWICE!

I know what you are thinking.  “Heather has finally lost it.”

Think this through with me for a minute.  The media spent years convincing the American public that whole milk was Devil juice.  It would make us fat.  We would have high cholesterol and die an early death if we continued drinking this accursed beverage.  And we believed them!

First, they homogenized our milk so it all looked the same, regardless of fat content.  Heaven forbid someone have to go through the simple act of shaking a jug of milk before pouring!

fresh raw cow's milk

Next, if you were like me, you weaned yourself slowly off the fat in milk.  Whole milk was replaced by 2%.  2% was replaced by 1% and then 1/2% (why bother?!?) and finally, I became a full-fledged fat-free milk drinker.  

I paid roughly the same price for my gallon of skim milk as whole would cost, but I was essentially drinking the garbage of the dairy industry.  

Do you know what I do with my extra skim milk here on the farm?  I FEED IT TO THE PIG!

Back then, I would fill my glass with skim milk for my health, but then I would go and buy my cream over and over.  That cream, which should have been a rich cream-line on top of my un-homogenized milk to do with as I pleased, was sold to me over and over in the form of:




sour cream

whipped cream

You get the idea.

It is my contention that skim milk was systematically pushed on the American public for one reason.


Big agriculture companies are making profit hand over fist from what would otherwise be a throw-away food item.  

The longer we live on the farm, the more we embrace the “Traditional Foods” movement.  Our ancestors thrived on fresh, raw milk from grass-fed cows.  My friends, it was modern factory farming practices that caused safety issues, not cows.  

So what can you do?  Find a local source for raw milk, or at least minimally processed un-homogenized milk.  Better yet, milk your own animals if you are able.  (You will be AMAZED how therapeutic and relaxing it can be!)  Read and research more about drinking raw milk and its benefits.  You will be glad you did!

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The Great Skim Milk Hoax


  1. April Montgomery says

    I’ve only had the joy of unfiltered milk a couple times, the first being when I was installing landscaping at a farm that normally had six kids to feed and they all went off to summer camp. I’ve always been a milk fan, but this was a truly transformative experience for my taste buds! The richness and complexity of the flavors was beyond compare, and the ice cream I made from the full quart of cream I took off the top (mixed with a dozen fresh egg yolks from the same farm, because I am a big fan of custard based ice creams!) was LUXURY on a spoon! I’ve only found it for sale (and been able to afford it) once since, but I jealously hoarded that half gallon like a Dragon with her gold, and gave the dirtiest looks to those few I let trying who “couldn’t tell the difference.” Heathens! Blasphemers! Fools! No more elixir of life for them!

  2. Janet says

    Love your article on “real milk” vs skim milk! My children were two and four years old when we were fortunate enough to have access to fresh milk. My children preferred the fresh milk over “store bought” milk. Not to mention how much we (mom and dad) enjoyed making and eating the butter and buttermilk we made from some of the cream we saved from this wonderful cow juice! Needless to say, we all grieved when the cow went “dry”.

  3. Dennis says

    Oh yes! Real, fresh milk is fantastic! We have a small organic dairy farm with 14 Jersey cows. My wife said it best, while we were drinking some fresh milk in the milk house. “This is like having desert!”


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