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Is it back to school time in your household?  It’s the first day of “school” for us!  As homeschoolers, our school year never really ends, but we are participating in a new (to us) co-op this year and my kids are beyond excited to get to pack a lunch each week!

My friends at Wild Mint Shop heard about the children’s excitement and were nice enough to send us this great LunchSkins reusable sandwich bag to test out!  (Isn’t it CUTE?!?)

LunchSkins reusable sandwich bag

If you aren’t familiar with Wild Mint Shop, they are an online store providing eco-friendly toys and products for families.  Well, they can probably tell you better in their own words.  This is their company mission:

At Wild Mint, we are passionate about helping families live healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly lives.  On our website, www.WildMintShop.com, we offer a one-stop shopping destination where people can find only the best and safest products, information on toxic chemicals, healthy living tips, recipes, and more.

So, back to the snack bags.  

I’ll be honest.  I’m a little nervous about packing lunches.  

I never really enjoyed lunchbox food, and I REFUSED to eat lunchroom food growing up, so I provided a daily challenge to my mom .  I’m afraid my two girls are taking after me in that respect.  (Lucas, on the other hand would eat a sandwich and an apple every day and be perfectly happy!)

In the past, when I have succeeded in packing a healthy lunch they enjoy, I’ve been just disgusted by the number of little plastic baggies I ended up using!  With 3 kids plus myself, I was probably using a dozen disposable bags per day!  Gross!  It just makes good sense, both financially and environmentally to invest in some quality re-usable sandwich and snack bags!

Yes, it seems a bit more expensive up front, but over the course of the year with a lunch per week plus any other snacks and meals that I pack for other activities or our endless hours at the karate studio, snack bags can easily pay for themselves.  

According to Wild Mint Shop, you can save as much as $2.23 PER DAY with adds up to over $400 savings over the course of a school year.  Can you imagine that?!?  That much money could probably send your child to camp for a week in the summer!  Their lunch savers article (and downloadable .pdf)  is full of great information like this!  

Another tip I read in the article is that you should ask kids to bring home their leftovers.  That way, you know what they ate and what they didn’t so you can plan better for next time!  They also suggest that involving children in packing their own lunch helps them eat better and waste less food.

Read more details about how you can save money while saving the planet one lunch at a time here!  


LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bag

Wild Mint Shop chose this LunchSkins reusable bag  for us, because it is durable, re-usable, BPA free, and most importantly, dishwasher safe!  (Did I remember to tell you that my dear sweet husband bought me a new dishwasher AND installed it himself and now my dishes actually come out CLEAN?!?)  

The LunchSavers bags come in 2 sizes and lots of fun patterns to please everyone!  I think they will be especially good for holding fruit, healthy homemade popcorn, and Lucas’ beloved peanut butter and dandelion jelly sandwiches!  Erica has already asked if she can take a chicken salad sandwich (from one of our broiler chickens, of course) in one.  Yes, sweet girl, you can.  

***Is peanut butter banned in your school too?  Look for sunflower seed butter!  It’s safe for children with allergies to peanuts and treenuts!***

Still at a loss?  Take a look, Wild Mint Shop offers up some great ideas on packing healthy lunches and snacks in a variety of non toxic gear.

Wild Mint Shop Lunch

It’s a small step, but hopefully I’m on the road to packing healthy lunches that my children will actually eat!  I’m counting on them being so excited about their new lunch gear that they will forget their first day of school jitters!  Wish me luck!

What’s that?  You want a discount code and a chance to enter a giveaway??  OK then!

Because the folks at Wild Mint are super-awesome, they are sponsoring a giveaway!  The winner will receive a $120 e-gift certificate to spend in the Wild Mint Shop!  If you aren’t the big winner, you can still save 10% on your order by using the code “WildMint” through September 4, 2014!  Go get shopping!


Wild Mint Shop Discount Code

Help me out here, leave me a comment and tell me what you like to pack in your children’s lunchboxes?  
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This post was sponsored by Green Sisterhood. All opinions are my own.  


  1. says

    I like to pack homemade Larabars, hard boiled eggs (peeled or they stink and that’s embarrassing, as it turns out), Paleo muffins, salads, fruit, nuts….and sometimes I sneak a piece of chocolate in there on Fridays. <3

  2. says

    They have so many adorable prints and I love that it’s all reusable and eco-friendly, not to mention easy to wash.

    There is a lot of cute stuff for my kids but I also was thinking for myself as I’m going back to school for my degree. To cut down on costs and for health reasons, I like to bring a lunch and I LOVE these bamboo utensils (in my favorite color carrying bag too!) that would definitely be better to use than the school’s plastic utensils!
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  3. sistah sunshine says

    Omg! So many cute things!! I love the people towels! I just started using one myself!! Im not wasting when im away from home and dont worry about others germs! Thank you for this link and article! Ive been looking for stainless containers too!


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